To the loyal Diff Lab followers, I thank you for your support, your positivity and for choosing performance and quality over price. This business is currently experiencing a quiet period which is expected to last six months or more, due to the current economic climate, weak Australian dollar, and the impending lockdown.

During this time, customers will be experiencing hardship like never felt before. Rest assured that Diff Lab is in a position to maintain business continuity throughout 2020 and beyond. All orders are being processed and delivered. Stock levels throughout this period will be lower than normal, and items may be ordered as needed. A weak AUD is preventing the business from stocking up at this time, while it is cost prohibitive to do so.

I have received numerous Emails from customers who have placed orders, and then cancelled them, presumably after looking at this financial situation as we head into lockdown. Some orders have been refunded, and this has left Diff Lab with unwanted goods, and a loss from transaction fees incurred. No further refunds will be given at this time. If you have ordered products and services from Diff Lab, those products and services will be supplied, and there will be no further refunds. If you have a problem with this, you can seek advice from your free legal service in your state.

For customers experiencing hardship, Diff Lab may use down time to process orders for repairs at reduced prices where needed. If you are experiencing extreme hardship, and also have a total differential failure preventing you from driving and servicing the needs of your family, Diff Lab will be able to assist with reduced parts and labour costs and/or deferred payments. Contact me by email if you are in this position.

Diff Lab has received emails informing of losses incurred from other businesses which have closed down. This is becoming a common occurrence, and is unfortunate for both the customer, and the business owner who has lost their only source of income and security. I kindly ask, however, that if you feel like you want to share these kinds of experiences, that you do so in a way which does not target Diff Lab as the source of the problem. I can assure you that unless the business was called "Diff Lab", it was not me, and I had nil to do with it. Please take it easy with correspondence, as we are all in this together.
During this period, the Diff Lab phone is not always manned. Some calls are going to be unanswered. Use email instead as emails are checked numerous times throughout the day.

Stay safe out there. Try not to punch anyone for invading your 1.5m personal space. Just politely remind them that they are an inconsiderate arsehole and move on. Alcohol does not treat COVID19. Jinping is a liar. You cannot eat toilet paper. Buy Australian made and owned products where possible. Try and keep your local businesses open. And when you're feeling like you're not coping, your friends, family, and neighbours also feel the same way, so you should talk to them about it, instead of melting down or attacking strangers.

Thanks for your time and I hope you all survive and cope through 2020, the year will all live to forget. -Mike

3-4-2020 - UPDATE

The OS Giken 10% off coupon has been removed temporarily, due to the massive increase in freight prices, which have made it impossible to offer a discount across-the-board on OS Giken. If you need to order OS Giken, send an email and the best pricing will be worked out for you manually. It may still be in the region of 10% off on some items. We do want your business, and do want to give you amazing pricing, so we will make it happen for you.

Regarding OS Giken stock levels, many items are becoming back ordered as production is slowing in Japan. Production is continuing though, and items will be available.

11-4-20 UPDATE

Due to the limitations for importing items, some items will not be available at all, and some will not be available at current pricing. Until this situation stabilises, it's best to email your order. Freight ex USA and Japan is around 2-3x the normal pricing, which makes Wavetrac and OS Giken very expensive to obtain if stock is not available in-house. MFactory seems relatively unaffected at this time. Cat Cams is still operating and exporting, though delays are approx 4 weeks. Link ECU is operating and there are no known delays. BMW Motorsport items are delayed by 4+ weeks.

29-4-20 UPDATE

The OS Giken head office in Japan has been ordered by their government to close down until May 10th, as a COVID-19 harm reduction measure. There will be no stock shipping, no stock checks and no production during this time. OS Giken head office, Japan, thanks for your support and your patience during this time. Diff Lab can still take orders, but customers should be aware of delays in sourcing certain OS Giken products.

17-5-20 UPDATE

OS Giken has re-opened and manufacturing is at full speed. Many items are now in stock, and others are only 2-4 weeks away. Feel free to place any OS Giken orders as they can be fulfilled within a reasonable time.