COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 situation in countries where the vast majority of Diff Lab's products are manufactured continues to cause significant ongoing delays, as many products remain back-ordered. In many instances, the only way to secure products is to order them, as stock allocations are limited.

OS Giken (Japan): Approximately 90% of the range is back-ordered with production delays of up to three months. Expect ongoing delays. The only way to secure OS Giken products is to order and wait.

Wavetrac: Ongoing delays of up to a month remain. Many common items are now back in stock. Expect delays of up to three weeks on some items.

MFactory: The situation is good and only some items are back-ordered. Most items are arriving within 1-2 weeks. Some BMW units (188K, 188mm) have production issues with will be resolved within a month or so.

BMW Motorsport: Many ring and pinion sets are back-ordered. The 210mm 4.44 has no production date as yet. The 210mm 4.10 has now come back into stock in a limited quantity.

Cat Cams: There is a significant delay in production of up to eight weeks. No stock is held at the moment, and all items are manufactured as needed.

The COVID-19 situation shows no signs of improving any time soon. It is currently impossible to keep stock on the shelf, as the majority of items are now back-ordered. The only way to secure what you need, is to place an order and wait. We cannot do anything to improve the situation during a global pandemic. This will continue well into 2022.