OS Giken OS-250R 80W250 LSD Gear Oil 1L

OS Giken OS-250R 80W250 LSD Gear Oil 1L

Diff Lab

  • $69

OS Giken OS-250R oil is a full synthetic super heavy-duty oil formulated specifically for use in their Superlock series of LSD centres. It is GL-5 Rated, 80W250 grade oil.

Most differentials require two bottles of oil.

This oil is essential for achieving maximum performance from an OS giken Superlock LSD under full race conditions, when serviving the diff oil after 2-3 races or 5 hours of race driving. This oil will not drain well if left for too long.

For road cars observing 5000-10000km service intervals, use the Diff Lab Superlock Street Oil instead.

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